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9/11 Conspiracy theories debunked by the BBC

Posted in Uncategorized by Sankeerth on February 19, 2007

You should all watch this BBC program, It
’s totally and conclusively debunked the 9/11 conspiracy theories. It answered a lot of the so-called ‘unexplained’ events with multiple forms of proof and interviews. Excellent. Controlled demolition of the towers was debunked as well as showing some of the 9/11 theories were based on invented evidence.

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  1. Disastermaster1 said, on February 20, 2007 at 1:22 am

    If jet fuel,which is kerosene,did in fact trickle down and melt the structural steel supports on BOTH towers would you please explain to me how a kerosene heater operates in ones home? Oh, and NO plane struck building 7 which came down in like manner. I wonder, do you also believe in Santa and the Easter bunny?

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